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NewYork or Hong Kong

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    OP has posted one time on this forum, and last logged on 30 March. I'm guessing he's probably made his decision already, and certainly isn't reading this forum.

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    I didn't even bother to check, as it just showed up. In any case, maybe someone considering something similar would find the info useful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpmlicious:
    I highly recommend New York over HK. Keep in mind that I don't have all of the information for a proper comparison. I haven't lived in NYC, but I have visited there. I have lived in LA and visited various other US cities.

    This is why I would pick NY if I were in your shoes:

    • People are more friendly and willing to help. I find people are happier and there is a more positive atmosphere in the places I've been in the US. People pretty much look angry in Hong Kong and many don't even care if they knock you over or whack you with a bag/umbrella/watch.
    • You will probably experience extreme racism in Hong Kong, such as landlords rejecting your offer, taxi drivers refusing to let you in and people avoiding you. While studying at an international school, it is possible that some kids and their parents might not want to interact with you and your kids. This is far less likely to happen in the US.
    • The quality of air is worse in Hong Kong.
    • Rents were cheaper everywhere in the US, in terms of what you got for your money. I know that NYC is also expensive, but not nearly as much as Hong Kong.
    • My groceries were cheaper for the type and quality of food I prefer. Many people often say food is cheaper in Hong Kong, but I definitely have not found this has not been the case for me. There are also many things I just simply can't get or it wouldn't make sense to get here.
    • There is a wider variety of choice when buying things. It is also way more convenient to buy things in the US, with many efficient online stores with fast delivery options. Amazon Prime and Now are great. Customer service is also much better. Many businesses will allow you to return things simply if you didn't like them. In Hong Kong, even if something broke down, you'll find it a hard and annoying process to try to get it replaced/fixed or get a refund.
    • You might find that some things are much more expensive in Hong Kong. This probably doesn't apply to you, as you haven't mentioned pets, but almost all pet products seem to be twice the price in Hong Kong. This might be the case with other products, such as furniture. For example, IKEA is more expensive here.

    However, I before making the decision, I would definitely look into how much it costs to get a similar education at an ESF/international school in NYC. I recently noted that the US public school system seems to be much lower in quality. Over last summer, I helped a girl who just entered middle school went to a public school in an LA suburb. The school is known to be one of the best and Asian families move closer to send their kids there. Apparently, her classes consisted of simply reading their textbook in class. I suppose grade school might be different. Class activities might be more similar at public and international schools for younger students. I would also look into how easy/difficult it would be to get your kids into a school you'd be happy with in both locations.
    I do agree with dmplicious, grocery is more expensive and just so limited including all indian vegetables and rent is just too much for the space it can get you.

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    NY, without question.

    But after reading the following blog you may change your mind and come to the "pearl" of the orient

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    Quote Originally Posted by Londrino:

    But after reading the following blog you may change your mind and come to the "pearl" of the orient
    What a lovely website! All the usual HK haters must be having earth shattering orgasms at each new entry

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmbf:
    What a lovely website! All the usual HK haters must be having earth shattering orgasms at each new entry
    Its satire & all said jokingly ....I love it. Some of the best humor I've seen in this city.

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    Depends on your field. Early career you probably learn more in New York while mid career probably career progression is better in Asia for non gweilo.

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