Shipping UK to HK - can anyone recommend a firm?

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    Shipping UK to HK - can anyone recommend a firm?

    Hello, I am about to move from the UK to HK and I am planning on shipping the contents of my 1 bedroom flat.

    Can anyone recommend a reputable and reasonable shipping firm?

    thanks in advance.

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    A couple of things - what sort of budget are you looking at? How much do you want to move?

    A lot of the time, people bring their furniture and find that their HK accommodation is simple too small or odd shaped. Appliances should be ok - voltage is the same. TV should also be find as long as it is a multi-region set.

    May be better to call around locally and make sure you ask them who their HK handling agent is. Also, get an estimate - might turn out that you can get everything you're moving - new in HK for the price of the relo.

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    We used Asian Tigers, who were excellent - not a single item damaged from a three bedroom house and they packed and unpacked everything for us. They seem very popular in our apartment block (all rentals and a lot of expats) - there seems to be an Asian Tigers van outside quite often. However, they aren't cheap and I think they have a minimum charge, but might be worth a quote.

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    Hi Annabelb, I'm moving out in six weeks and am using a firm called Aqua. They are brokers and will have a number of firms quote, including Asian Tigers. Aqua are great, we use them all the time at work. They'll come to your apartment and go through everything you want to take so they can provide an accurate quote. Ask for Jeff Cohen, 01635 239 044