budget for 2.

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    budget for 2.

    Hi All
    I am waiting to hear about a job that will pay me $25,000 after tax each month. Is this possible to live on for 2 people?
    How much should I budget for rent?
    How much for Bills?

    Also my wife shall be moving out with me, am I right in assuming that when I apply for my visa I can get her a dependant visa and will she be able to work?

    She is currently head of It and e-commerce at a high net wealth publication firm in London. What are some good agencies for her to apply with.

    Also one last question, what would be a good area to live in (preferably Hong Kong Island) as we are a young couple, she is 29 and I am 26?

    Thanks for all of your help,
    George Bennett

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    Yuen Long

    $25,000 may be hard no matter what your living style but if you eat local foods, live farther away from town and cook at home/go out rare you may be ok.

    I am not saying it is not possible, but as with any city it is based of what you need in your life and what can be left without.

    Rent I would go as low as possible obviously. But, I would keep it under $10,000 if you can. (Two month deposit, one month advance and half month agency fee when you rent)

    You are correct about visa. Both work and dependent visa can be applied for together.

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    Your wife can apply at agencies, but to be honest they don't work too well here. You are better off networking - joining American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber etc etc to find a job.

    You will be hard pressed to find something nice on Hong Kong island for a budget of sub 10k - better off looking a places in the NT unless you are happy in a tiny place but come over and have a look - like most places you just have to see it for yourself to get a feel for what works for you. Although prices are falling now so it's a good time to be looking!

    Bills are pretty hard to estimate as it depends on the size of the flat - electricity could be 500-1500 a month; transport again depends on what you use - if you use MTR and bus only it's pretty cheap, if you catch taxis all the time then quite abit more (although still probably cheaper than having a car unless you really do end up out in the wilds....). Food - you can eat well in a local cafe for 50HKD; or in a cheap "western" establishment more like 150-200HKD (both excluding any alcohol). Supermarkets or wetmarkets are fine and have most basic stuff but if you want organic produce or western specialities they are MUCH more expensive. So - what type of life are you looking for? What is important to you?

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    So I have been offered the job.
    So I will be on $25K after tax. We will hopefully only have to live off this until my wife can transfer her job out to Hong Kong, when our month income will go up to 70k.

    We would like to then save 26k/month.
    spend 10K on bills/travel per month
    about 20K on rent
    leaving 14k spending.
    Does this seem reasonable?

    If she can not transfer her job we will be living just on my salary until she can get a job, probably teaching as she was a teacher before she went into IT.
    Any help on budgeting is appreciated, such as average bills for 2 people per month?