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What to stock up on?

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    Good quality noise cancelling earphone. There will always be some sort of building work going on wherever you live.

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    Good point @huja linen is expensive here and poor quality. If you want to start your HK life with new bed linen and towels, bring them with you.

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    i would 16-24 cans of chipotle in adobo sauce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. Jones:
    You can also shop to your heart's content on Amazon US and such and use a freight forwarder to send over to HK. Even with handling fees (consolidation and such) and shipping it still always works out MUCH cheaper than buying stuff in Hong Kong. Plus the quality will be (much!) better because it's export quality and not made for the China market like most of the crap you will buy here. Even Ikea quality is far inferior compared to what we were used to in Europe and US.

    Electronics I often buy cheaper on Amazon UK or Amazon De as you won't have issues with voltage-and again-better quality than what you buy here.

    The good thing about HK is you won't have to pay any duty or VAT on anything you import so no added costs. We use a freight forwarder in Oregon btw so no US sales tax either.
    So let's say I buy a kitchen blender or something from Amazon in the U.K (same voltage right?) - I won't have to worry about paying any customs on it? Just the shipping?
    That's a good deal.

    Quote Originally Posted by huja:
    Have you looked over this thread?
    I looked at others but not this one - Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by dumbdonkey:
    i would 16-24 cans of chipotle in adobo sauce.
    Yes! I am going to Mexico next week, I was thinking to stock up on all my favorite hot sauces too! I am sure they have some in HK but I wanna make sure I have my favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enzos:
    So let's say I buy a kitchen blender or something from Amazon in the U.K (same voltage right?) - I won't have to worry about paying any customs on it? Just the shipping?
    That's a good deal.
    It's actually a better deal than that - if you buy from the UK and ship directly out of the EU (say, to Hong Kong), you don't owe the 20% UK tax that's included in the price. A company that does international shipping properly, say Amazon UK, will take that tax off the list price, meaning it can be significantly cheaper to ship to Hong Kong than if you bought in the UK...

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    Hong Kong is full of excellent shopping centres with a great variety in shops. MTR malls are my personal favourite. The streets are lined up with quirky little independent retailers eager to bargain with the foreign man for exotic goods and beautiful tailor made suits.

    Don't see the need to stock up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guys7:
    you can get whatever you need on the ground, probably easier to travel light
    Have you even read the threads before making your one-line comments on a bunch of un related issues? You cannot necessarily get everything you need in HK, depending on what you want. As per the more detailed and thoughtful earlier posts.

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    If you are larger sized, definitely bring clothes. Things you wouldn't think of for taller/larger people like pantyhose, yoga/workout pants, bras, socks, are all difficult to get in larger sizes here. Of course shoes, trousers, shirts are also useful to get abroad.

    I think the wine is pretty crap here and overpriced, so if it's a possibility for you to bring good quality, cheaper wine in the proper temperatures over, I would! (Note, it'll be really hot soon, so if it's coming in a cargo ship, it might be sweltering hot and not good for the wine.)

    The space you'll have here will be a lot smaller, though, so if you have been downsizing from moving around throughout the years, that'll be to your advantage! Don't go crazy bringing "stuff" here!

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    Does anyone know what the deal is in shipping foodstuffs to HK? I'm moving a whole load of personal effects to HK from the UK. Included will be some foodstuffs: chocolate, pasta, cereal, dried fruit, crisps, jam. The facts sheet for HK given by the removal companies include something along the lines of:

    We strongly recommend that shippers be advised not to ship
    any commercially prepared and purchased food product with
    your unaccompanied personal goods.
    This includes: wines, spirits, beer, cider, spices, herbs,
    canned packed or wrapped foods, pet food, pastas, rice,
    food supplements, vitamins, fruit juices, carbonated / non
    carbonated drinks, milk, perishable foods, dry foods and any
    other item intended for human or animal consumption.
    If the shipper insists on shipping food items, the specified
    information below must be gathered and provided for each
    food item imported. If the information is not provided, the
    food items may face refusal of entry, requiring segregation /
    manipulation of the shipment under customs supervision at a
    bonded facility, at substantial additional cost. Costs could be
    in the thousands of dollars and can not be anticipated.
    costs will be the responsibility of the client.
    • Product brand name
    • Product classification
    • Country of production
    • Country of packaging
    • Type of product(canned, bottled, packaged)
    • Quantity
    And then it says:
    Non-perished food items, packed in cans or other durable
    packaging, may be imported in small amounts.
    Is it as bad as the above makes it out to be?

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    I wouldn't ship food, as you can purchased 99% of your local food in HK. If you really insist on bringing food over, take it in your flight luggage. HK is a rich and developed country selling LV and Chanel handbags so don't worry about your crisps, cereals and chocolates!

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