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Moving to HK from Scotland

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    With that budget you can meet all of your requirements no problem.

    Just note that balconies here are usually not somewhere people generally sit around spending lazy afternoons. Too polluted and the weather is...aah you'll see. Many apartment complexes do have them and locals stick their laundry there. I wouldn't though, too filthy.

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    Thank you all so much for your tips. Think we'll get a serviced apartment for first two months until we work things out. My husband's office is over where the old runway was so Clearwater might be an option. Mrs Jones, thank you for all those schools. I'll email them all my CV and join that Facebook group (although not yet as I haven't resigned from my current job yet!) x

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenmkw:
    Hi there all,

    My husband has just been offered a job in HK. I'm really excited but also terrified and hoping if you can help me!

    Firstly, I need to find a job! I am currently a teacher of pupils with additional support needs. Ideally I'd like to continue in a similar role but at least as a Primary teacher. Any tips on who to contact or where to start looking? My searches so far have turned an overwhelming number of results!

    If I don't have a job in advance of going what happens Visa wise?

    Accommodation. Where to start! We have a decent allowance I think ($HK 35000 per month). My husband's job is based in Kowloon but other than that we have no idea of locations. Obviously we'd like to 'have it all'- balcony/view, couple of bedrooms, pool/gym access but again I don't really know where to start and from what I have read so far there can be a lot of hidden costs...?

    Anyway, if anyone can offer any help it would be massively appreciate!

    Jenny x
    Is your husband in finance?

    I moved here from Scotland too, feel free to hit me up with any specific questions not already answered.

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    You'll find employment easy if you're Caucasian.

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    size and costs?


    The Harbour School (THS)

    The above link is for student with learning needs

    Harbour School

    As for places to stay, think of the size you want first and work backwards.
    Hong Kong is very transportation friendly via train and other services so going a couple minutes away from work can help you find many things.

    Service apartments can be pricy, but look for ones that have at least a kitchenette and washer/dryer.
    You can drop them an email a few weeks a head of time so you can arrange a looksee and to give you an idea of the costs involved.

    There are many great places in HK just shop around and email.


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    Thank you so much for all of these contact details!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharonag:
    Renting property over here is very expensive. Do you have to pay all your rates out of that as well?.

    Look at agency on the internet.We used agency.

    Will you be staying in a hotel when you arrive?

    If you need any help PM.

    It is a nice place to live.
    Don't do this. The internet generally shows a tiny fraction of what is available, nothing on there is actually available because property moves so fast. You can use it to get an idea of what you might like, but if you have never been to HK this is not much use. You need to be here to feel what the neighbourhoods and properties are like. They are NOT like back home. So don't try and organise beforehand. Get a serviced apartment for a month and look around when you arrive.
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