move to HK for two years with three kids

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    move to HK for two years with three kids


    Me and my wife try to explore what it will be like to move to HK for two years, the reason is for my kids (all born in USA) to see different world than where we are now in Maryland USA.

    I am PR of Hong Kong and already got HK dependent visa for my wife and kids, I moved to USA 20 years ago for an IT job, and still doing similar job right now (software engineer), I don't expect to get good pay job in HK for the two years. My wife can work remotely for her USA employer. We are planning to rent an apartment anywhere near school in HK, we have enough saving and prepared for less income during the two years in HK.

    We both speak Mandarin at home and kids can understand but with limited read/write Chinese ability.
    My thinking is let kids go to one of local DSS school (直資學校) which use English for teaching and also teach Mandarin .

    My 14 years old daughter is in 9th grade, 11 years old son in 5th grade, 6 years old daughter in 1st grade.

    Can someone share what's the chance for my kids to go to one of the DSS school ? or any other option for schooling ?


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    It will be very difficult to secure a spot at a DSS school from Maryland. It is impossible for anyone here to tell you what your chances are in getting into a DSS school. However, good luck. It'll be a great experience for your kids.