We are planning to move to HK (from India) around Feb '18. I was looking at schools for my 12yr old Daughter (for academic year 2018-19) and came across YMCA as a viable alternative to the overtly expensive International Schools.

1. Could someone suggest if it is indeed a good option?

2. Are there other similar options (where medium of instruction is completely English and Chinese language is an optional 2nd Language)?

3. Also, my kiddo is just about an average student and gets average kind of scores (60% 'ish) in her current school. Could you comment on how difficult will it be to get an admission in YMCA or other similar alternatives or for that matter International Schools (Only ones that really suited my budget if, I stretched it, among the International Schools was American International School).

4. What is the level of admission interview (/entrance tests) for the students?

Inputs very much appreciated please. [I am really worried if she will be able to secure an admission in HK!!]