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share house/social residence in hong kong?

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    Thanks for all the help! Can anyone whose lived in hong kong give me a rough estimate of how much it would cost per month for a 2 bedroom apartment or something similar? I've looked online but a few of the places i've found don't actually list the prices :/

    I'm definitely having to alter my expectations for money and comfort! It's really making me reconsider hong kong - i was planning to go on a working holiday visa but now i'm worried about money and finding decent acommodation.

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    It all depends on where you wanna live and how "local"/ "basic" you're willing to go. There are lots of local families (parents + kids) that spend less than HKD10k on rent each month, but then, a single professional (or a couple) can easily spend north of HKD20 on rent each month.

    One thing you do have to be aware of is the minimum lease term. The standard lease term here is 2 years, with option to terminate with 1 months' notice after the first year. i.e. you're expect to stay for at least 13 months. This might not be possible if you're on working holiday. Furthermore, landlords typically prefer someone who would stay for as long as possible (nobody enjoys going through the process of finding new tenant and the additional cost and lost income involved). They'd typically ask for proof of employment and proof of income, which you might not have when you arrive (unless you've secured a job before you get here).

    Given the above, you really should consider long stay options at some hotel/ guest house type establishments or serviced apartments. Serviced apartments and those new co-living properties would typically have websites and email addresses so you can contact them to enquire about costs and availabilities (and most would give some sort of indication of price on their websites anyway).

    There is this other thread on co-living spaces:

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