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London TO HK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnathon332
    I'm also going to be moving to Hong Kong. Came over in November to see my girlfriend and her family and stayed with them. The spaces are much smaller when compared to London in terms of accommodation but for one person it's definitely enough. I too am coming from London so Hi5! I got a job offer when I was in Hong Kong which is great news for me as it means I'm closer to my girlfriend and I have friends that I met during my uni days over in HK. I'll be coming over as a software engineer in the finance industry, pretty much what I'm doing now, exciting times! Just waiting for that background check to complete then I'll be heading over.
    Congratz Johnathon. I am from Hong Kong and actually my boyfriend wants to move to HK from Toronto. May I know your experience/difficulties in getting a job here? Heard that the company has to provide the reason why the post cannot be filled by locals. He's an accountant but also willing to try some other related jobs in finance industry. Is it hard for him to get a job here?

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