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Tips and advice for blending in easier after moving to Hong Kong

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    a sunny un spoilt paradise

    Let me be a bit blunt.

    No matter how long you live in Hong Kong, and I lived there for 46% of my life, you will never be accepted as a local etc.

    It's such a contrast compared to the multicultural general cohesiveness I'm used to now and yes, finally being local again, is very comforting.

    (Meanwhile in Sunny Queensland)
    We enjoyed a Chinese New Year festival that our wonderful council organises every year, and we loved it! it was so inclusive and everybody from all walks, got into it.

    Great family event, must admit, I really missed these things like crazy, the whole time I was away.. HK is really crap at that sort of stuff.

    It's also nice to enjoy festivals and family friendly events that aren't ruined by over crowding and we've been to some biggish ones since, all ran smoothly, easy to get in and out of the car park and the kids could see the event fine..

    HK always ended up in tears with my kids when trying to enjoy outdoor events, always disappointing, compared to our easy going experiences in Australia, France, Belgium, Italy and Holland.

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    no means yes.
    no never means no
    yes can mean no
    yes can mean yes but they'll never say yes

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    Leave your pride at home.

    The Chinese are tremendously proud and you must always give face unless you want to build a long enemies list waiting for the chance to take you down.

    This is the same as anywhere in Asia. However, Asians don't resort to violence due to all the legal & penalties issues, so they do things in a very different way.

    Keep smiling people.

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