IT Professional - Moving from Singapore - Salary Increase/Cost of Living

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    IT Professional - Moving from Singapore - Salary Increase/Cost of Living

    Hello Forum,
    This is my first post.

    My name is Dereck, I am 28, and I am currently living in Singapore.

    I work as a Presales Consultant, I have approximately 5 years of relevant experience, 8 years of total IT experience, and I have just applied to an opening in my company in Hong Kong: it fortunately seems I will be the candidate chosen, however my salary negotiation is being quite tough.

    A few words about my profile:
    - I speak English, Spanish and basic Mandarin (about HSK3 level)
    - I have a Bachelor Degree with Hons in IT from the UK
    - I hold an AWS and a Microsoft Azure IT Certification
    - I have have a total of 5 years of Presales Experience, and 8 Years of total IT experience - with 3 years and half out of those 5 years with Asia focus (HK + ASEAN)
    - I have a good network in Hong Kong, and a very good knowledge of the market.

    My current package is about 925,000HKD OTE.
    Assuming I will hit 0% of my quota and KPIs, so no bonus, my basic salary is lower, about 696,000HKD/yearly or about 58,000HKD/monthly.

    I am single, and I currently live in Singapore downtown in a 50sq meters flat. (I pay 17,000HKD a month for that, utilities excluded).

    Having explained the above, a few additional details:
    - know I will have most probably to live in a 30sq meters if I want to be in the Island, and maybe I can get a 40-45 if I stay on Kowloon side, with something bigger on NT.
    Being 28, I do not want to be living in NT, but I am ok with Kowloon, I was considering Hung Hom.

    - I do not smoke, I do not drive, I do eat often "local" when I am in Singapore

    - I go 1/2 times a year back to Spain

    - I go on long weekends maybe other 2-3 times a year

    -I currently save about 250,000HKD every year (if I decide to do some investments, maybe this value would be closer to 200)

    I started the negotiation asking 80,000 HKD a month for the basic salary, but it was rejected.
    My idea is that to keep the same standard of living, I would need about 70,000HKD a month - anything lower would put me in a bad position with money due to tax and rent.
    My company is only going to change my basic, they won't allow me to get any allowance, nor will negotiate anything else than my basic, they told me this already and have been quite firm.

    Is my calculation good or far off?
    Whoever has worked in both cities or works in a company which offices in both cities would be a good help.

    Thanks a ton guys!


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