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Work in Quarry Bay - have 2 yr old son that speaks English - rental suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo_jones:
    I do wish our son learns multiple languages. But I think he will struggle in the local system longer term, as we can't speak mandarin well and he will be way behind his peers wrt to communication.
    Local for nursery, international for primary.

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    the Australian international school is not close to where the OP will work.

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    If possible, you may want to sort the school first then pick where you want to live- finding a place to live is less challenging than finding a preschool/kindergarten it seems from watching my coworker do it for his daughter.

    When you come visit, check out the schools then you can apply long distance although the posh ones want interviews and play groups with the child. And the parents for that matter.

    Many of the preschools/kindergartens even run buses so you just need to pick a place on the bus route.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lighthse003:
    the Australian international school is not close to where the OP will work.
    But they do have 15 school bus routes and there is one serving Taikoo at a cost of $22,600 per year round trip. Bus number 7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MandM!:
    Grand Promenade in Sai Wan Ho is a great suggestion. Newer estate with sea views and facilities. Location though requires walking outside to the MTR which is a bit hot in the summers and sucks in the rain. You could easily take taxis to work though for more comfort..
    Newer? Hmm. Depends on the flat. I feel like the facilities are dated. With 50k, you can definitely find something better with closer access to the MTR.

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    Plenty of Korean expats in Taikoo Shing - though it sounds like your wife is not fluent? --> EDIT - I see, you're talking about your kid

    I know someone that is trying to break their lease in Taikoo Shing, but it's only a 2-bed room.

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    Taikoo Shing isn't the best for kids though. There's one big outdoor playground, but it's in direct sunlight so hard to use in the summer, and there's one or two pools shared between the entire 50 or so buildings. From the sounds of it, the OP is looking for something a little more all-inclusive.

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    It is already good in HK, a private estate with a long history. There are other areas with private estates to the east of Taikoo Shing too. From Sai Wan Ho to Siu Sai Wan. Better places for kids and also not as expensive are mostly not on HK Island. I don't quite like HK Island myself. But the OP is going to work in the Eastern District, may well suits his needs.

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    Have you lived in Taikoo? A number of playgrounds for each set of "mansions." Anyway, I don't necessarily disagree with you... But Taikoo seems to be a great place according to the many Korean, Japanese, and local families that live there.

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    If the Koreans are from Seoul, they maybe more ok with lving in HK than many westerners, because Seoul has a population density higher than HK. High rise apartments and many passengers on trains are also common there. Also the food here have more variety and cheaper.

    OP said they are Asians from Australia, comparsion will be with Australia and not Korea.