Accounting finance job opportunities in HK

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    Accounting finance job opportunities in HK

    I am currently based in Canada and interested in moving to HK to continue my accounting finance career this year and looking for advice on job prospects and job search.

    Canadian cpa
    HK resident
    English and Cantonese native, mandarin working proficiency
    Late twenties

    Currently applying to postings on LinkedIn are there other platforms that I could also look at that focus on accounting finance positions ?

    As a SFA receiving a monthly salary in hkd around 45k gross, would it be reasonable to expect 45-50k range in HK?

    Have applied and receive a few first phone interviews for assistant finance manager and finance manager positions , looking on feedback on if applying to the right level of jobs?

    Since I am based in Canada my phone number is Canadian number instead of a 852 HK number would this have any impact for perspective employers looking to reach me ?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Seems reasonable but you really need to be in HK for recruiters/companies to seriously to consider you. Unless you can get an internal transfer.

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    Sharing my experience in case that is of interest.

    Before relocating to HK with my partner whose job was transferred (I’m not eligible for a dependent visa), I applied for a few roles via and also directly with the targeted banks.

    Had phone/VC interviews before arriving in HK followed by in-person interviews after arrival.

    I didn’t have a HK phone number when applying and didn’t seem to matter although I did mention the date I’d be in HK which may have been a factor. Since in HK, I have also considered and hired candidates from overseas/located outside of HK although usually only for roles that we aren’t able so easily filled locally.

    On the salary front, try checking out the salary guides online. Many recruiters publish an annual version for the HK job market. You may find it useful for a ballpark range.

    Best of luck!

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    You can get a HK phone number easily but if anyone is truly interested they will want an in person interview.

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    If you can read Chinese, check out your industry's discussions in chinese sites. More people similar to your background than here. Also good for you to know some local people in your industry before applying.