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Moving from Mumbai, India to Hong Kong

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri
    I stand corrected.

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    Hong Kong

    Other schools to look at

    YMCA Christian College Tung Chung

    Korean Int'l - HK Island East

    Some new schools that have opened recently but $$$$

    Nord Anglia -
    Malvern College -
    Mount Kelly - (Y9 and 10 waiting on approval) -
    Stamford American -

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    It looked like Discovery College in DB had space for both year 7 and 10 (hope I read that link correctly)- Discovery Bay (DB), if the school has the space, is a decent living option for commute to Central (by ferry) and the boys could walk to school or local DB buses, your housing budget will go reasonably far there, mix of expats and locals, lots of expat families. I commute by ferry (different ferry) and they are quite on time here and very reliable, only close down in the worst of weather when work and schools will close anyway. It may be different from what you were originally thinking of but it's a decent, family-oriented option. Not sure about the Indian expat population there.

    Can also live in Tung Chung, MTR to Central, bus to Discovery Bay for school.

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    Welcome to Hong Kong, but as someone said above 2 main things are schooling and housing, having done that one should also be aware of the total costs of a 4 person household, then you can make a informed decision and in case you fall short, can ask more compensation from your employing company.

    House Rent : 30,000 ( for Net 850 sqft ) They call it 1100 sft in HK
    School fees : 18,000 per child ( International schools ) Forget ESF schools almost impossible to get in there
    Bus & Other school charges : 2,000 to 2,500 per child
    Bills for home : 3,000 ( electricity, Water, Gas, Internet, Cable, Wifi etc )
    Maid Salary : 4,500 ( optional )
    Groceries and home food : 5,000
    Eating out in weekends : 1,500 per weekend ( Saturday & Sunday) One time only either Lunch or Dinner
    Entertainment : 1,000 ( minimum )
    Local Transport : 1,500 ( family of 4 )

    Total is HK$ 91,000
    Suppose the take home salary is US$ 15,000 ( = 118,000 ) , in that case do not forget the 15% Income tax
    That means you get 100,000 in hand and spend 91,000
    Then you save amount of 9,000 almost say US$ 1,000

    After that yearly trips to India will cost money, and the above list does not include shopping of Clothes, Shoes, Books, Gifts or any other thing,

    Moving is a big decision , HK is not far away Mumbai, why not make a short trip PRIOR to moving lock stock and barrell,

    If the Salary is over US$ 15,000 then is fine, if not, think about it,
    Hong Kong National Motto is NO MONEY NO TALK

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    Agree with the above. Find someone that lives in HK whom you can get on a call with and share the big picture to ensure you are making the right decision for your family - particularly your kids - since they are at a stage of life where they'd be going to University pretty soon...

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    Thanks @Dipak123 for sharing details. Appreciate it.

    Yes, we have been doing these calculations and in connect with people here in HK prior finalizing the move-in plan. And agree, these are the key expenses.

    HK is quite an expensive place!

    Do share any other factors that need to be thought over for moving in HK.

    Regards - KP

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