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Relocating from Europe to HK

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    Relocating from Europe to HK

    Hi all,

    I’ve been considering a move to HK before I turn 30 in two years, but I'm a little concerned about my job chances in the current market environment, so I was wondering if anyone here could give some advice.

    Regarding my background, I’m a native speaker of 3 European languages with full professional fluency in English (IELTS 9.0) and Mandarin (HSK 6, TOCFL 6, HSKK Advanced + I use it with institutional clients every day), conversational Cantonese and Japanese. What has me worried here is my lack of experience – I only have a little over 3 years in a front office role to my name (at a larger European bank). I've also passed all three CFA exams, but due to the work experience requirement, I’m obviously not eligible for the Charter yet.
    My employer has a rather minimal footprint in HK with only a handful of expat slots, which is why I'm looking for a direct move. Unfortunately, going for the QMAS is quite unrealistic, since neither my bachelor’s nor my master’s degree is from a Top 100 university – I could claim a mere 95 points with my bachelor-educated wife, and that already includes the extra 15 points for international work experience.

    Is there any chance of landing an OK job in my current situation? And if yes, what would be the best way to find jobs with better than impossible odds of getting hired? I'm asking this because, having done a bit of reading on this site, I don't see employers lining up for visa sponsorship.... any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you for your feedback in advance!

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    Try as hard as possible to get transfered, either with your current employer or an employer based in your home country - network to see if they have opportunities which you might be suitable for.

    You'll end up with a much better situation if you're transferred (even without any allowances).

    I suspect you don't want to arrive and job hunt from scratch without an existing network in HK.

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