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Moving from UK to HK - Shipping - What should I bring that you can't get in HK?

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    Moving from UK to HK - Shipping - What should I bring that you can't get in HK?

    Hi everyone
    I'll be moving to HK soon for a job with my girlfriend coming too. I get a relocation package, but will probably have some spare space, so wanted to know if there were things I should definitely bring where:

    a) you can't get in HK (or is extra expensive in HK)
    b) things from the UK that have a premium on them in HK that could be sold (someone I knew moved to Bermuda and filled the container with UK tinned goods - baked beans etc - and made quite a lot of money!)

    Many Thanks

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    fill up your suitcase with tins of baked beans, you'll be a rich man when you arrive.

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    Or spreadable butter.

    Double the price here and a third the weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhamal:
    WhatsApp +85262318639
    REALLY?? and what service are you going to offer Jhamal lol
    Or did you even understand what the poster is asking.

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    Lucky Charms!

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    Polo mints

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    Gum, reasonably priced red wine/craft beer, pasta, shoes if you're larger than size 10, mid-range clothing/work clothes, fresh roasted coffee beans (insanely expensive here), water filter, certain small appliances and electronics can be more expensive here. . .

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    Bring pasta, cheese and corn.

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    While Hong Kong has a good assortment of all kinds of international foods in normal times, one thing certainly missing is bakewell tarts.

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    Lion bars

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