American moving to HK via 1 yr in Sydney...

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    American moving to HK via 1 yr in Sydney...

    Hello all -

    I'm heading to HK for work for two years after spending a year in Sydney (also for work) and hope some one is willing to help me out!

    I am a 29 year old American that enjoys a beer or three but can also want to get some sleep after a few 15 hour consecutive days. I am looking for the best places to live that are close to Central but still have some character and does not feel like you are living in a bar (non-stop party areas).

    I also would love some guidance on prices. I hear that rents are trending down but does anyone know what a decent rent would be? I prefer something nice (clean/new, does not have to be large, a gym/pool/door person would be great, but not a deal breaker...)

    Thankful for any other guidance on a move (where to buy electronics, things are expats learned when they made the move to HK that is diff. than other countries, etc)


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    1. Whats your housing budget
    2. How far will u be willing to commute

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    Thanks for reply...

    apologies for the lack of my response. A lot happening to get done and forgot that I posted the questions.. I was able to find a place off robinson rd.

    Looking forward to being there. Again, thanks for the response.