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UK male, returning to HK post-Covid - advice on finding work

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    Wasn't there a similar discussion recently for a duo (Canada, Denmark?) relocating to HK.. Hudsons and the job websites suggested there could be useful same way for OP too? Send CVs online first..

    The one where @huja? said romance is dead.. 😢

    Try media/news (SCMP etc online media). I think w ur exp shouldn't be that tough to find a role but will probably be far below what ur cv should reflect. But it's at least one area I know still ok w hiring + no canto/chi lang.

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    With over 20 years experience in journalism and PR, a job at an agency won't be too difficult to find. In my experience, tougher on the account side without Catntonese but should be okay for creative/writing roles.

    Visit Telum, which has a good jobs page. You can apply but also suggest you try and contact some of your targets and introduce yourself.

    I think it will be more difficult to find client side roles, but you never know. I see some vacancies in finance/insurance firms that may suit. As someone said, a lot of available roles in crypto/fintech if you have some experience in that area. personally I'd rather boil my head than join some crypto racket, but needs must.

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    Keep positive - the market is not bad. It’s a numbers game. Just keep applying and have thick skin - I am sure you will get offers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpbk:
    I'm not familiar with HK labor laws...
    Can any non-HK resident arrive in HK (as a tourist) and be hired to work in HK? Don't you need a pre-approved work offer and work visa?
    It’s perfectly legal to look for employment while on a Visitor visa. However you must be granted a work visa before starting any actual work. If you stay working prior to receiving a work visa it’s possible to be prosecuted.

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    On the one hand, you've got the small, dwindling but increasingly defiant number of people here who are still doing really well, and have nothing to say about others, except "who cares about those losers", then you've got the growing, but increasingly silent number of people here who once in a while can't help but rant about how sad this place has become.
    Then you've got the rapidly growing crop of new hkers, completely oblivious as to what happened the last two years, here to replace the old crop all according to Beijing's 50 year plan.
    Hong kong is a very strange place

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheeky Kiwi:
    Bro, best to stay where you are

    Second best is try Singapore if you don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin
    Agree with trying Singapore during Job fair, your field is likely in demand and higher chance to get hired than pushing in HK when you don't speak either Cantonese or Mandarin.

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