Need some advice!! Mid-level or Kawloon?

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    Need some advice!! Mid-level or Kawloon?

    I just moved to HK and have been looking for a place to live. I have a 1.5yr old baby and my husband works around Central area.

    I looked around some apartments in Mid-level and Kawloon. All the apartments in Mid-level got pretty good quality and I liked the aspect of being close to the center of HK and probably there would be many playgroups, etc... for babies/kids, which gives a lot of opportunities to make new friends. But I feel that going out with a baby stroller would be a bit challenging and I didn't see any good supermarkets/stores around there. Planning to hire a helper but still I would like to do some grocery and shopping from time to time.

    On the otherside, in Kawloon there is a quality apartment w/shopping mall. Though, maybe it's a bit far from expat community...and maybe more polluted?! Also, it seems like all the good hospitals are in HK side, which means that if it's an emergency, maybe cannot wait till getting there...

    Would anyone pls advise me on pros/cons of living in Mid-level or Kawloon for a family with a baby? Which area would you recommend?

    Thanks a lot!!

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    There are good hospitals all over Hong Kong. There is pollution all over Hong Kong. People have babies all over Hong Kong. There are supermarkets and wet markets all over Hong Kong (but if you want to pay rip-off expat prices then the choice is a little more limited). There are expats all over Hong Kong.

    None of the criteria you have identified would be grounds for choosing one area over another IMO.

    And the word is "Kowloon" not "Kawloon".

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    Very sorry for the spelling mistake....

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    I too have a young baby and chose kowloon. but even in kowloon you need to be careful. there is a huge difference between Olympic (where I live) and Mong Kok.

    For Olympic:
    The shopping malls and supermarkets in Olympic are indeed bigger and better than in mid-levels and the roads are wider and much more baby-buggy friendly. personally I could not imagine raising a baby in mid-levels. it makes no sense.

    most mid-range apartments have great facilities including pools and play rooms so would not be a problem.

    hospitals are everywhere, as are expats (the latter in much smaller numbers). however, if you prefer to live in an expat bubble then indeed mid levels is for you. Me, I like living semi-local. Plus, my son is already a local celebrity (although need to be careful all the attention doesn't go to his head.)

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    Stick to DB, it will be better for you. Your husband can take the ferry to central, it only takes around 25 mins.

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    Seems as if you have really fallen 'hook line and sinker' into the HK-island is better trap because of hospitals and facilities. Ahhh the typical line given by relocation & property agents.

    The Expat Community is very much living in various neighborhoods throughout the HKSAR.

    I would suggest taking time, if you already haven't, to evaluate a bit more. Is the key criteria the amount of commute time for your husband or baby/family friendly environment? If you post some of your key criteria here on the board you will get loads of responses with areas and particulars to look into.

    You mention the Mid-levels as an option bc your husband will work in Central keep in mind that depending on where you live the commute can be just as long as if you were to live on Kowloon-side. Several Moms on GEOEXPAT have also shared that living in the Mid-Levels is difficult to walk with a baby-pram (stroller) with the baby bag.

    Playgroups are in abundant throughout the HKSAR you can check also for more info about this on the GEOBABY site.

    If you already haven't looked and considered:
    Discovery Bay
    Tung Chung
    Bellagio, Sham Tseng
    Gold Coast, Tuen Mun
    Banyan Garden, Li Chi Kok
    Whampoa Garden
    One Silverseas, Tai Kok Tsui
    Olympic, Tai Kok Tsui
    Happy Valley
    Tin Hau
    Ho Man Tin, Wylie Rd area.
    Sai Kung

    There are loads more too!

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