Hopefully moving to HK in the New Year

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    Question Hopefully moving to HK in the New Year


    I was born and raised in HK and moved back to the UK when I was 12. My parents are both Scottish and ran a couple of pubs when we lived in HK. Last year was the first time I returned to HK on holiday after 16 years and immediately felt back at home.

    I am coming back out with my fiancee in November for two weeks with a view to a more permanent move.

    I am an Architectural Technician, and would like to receive any help with possible employment opportunities. I understand there is a downturn in the current climate so any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

    Unfortunately I only speak very limited cantonese but my intention would be to change this in the near future.

    My fiancee works in Environmental Management, and the above request would apply to her also.

    Many thanks

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    The environmental filed is pretty dire at the moment I am sorry to say. Many engineering firms have closed down their environmental divisions and are sub-contracting out to the lowest bidder. You can check out a list of local companies at http://www.eco-web.com/cgi-local/sfc...ountry/hk.html and also http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/english/bu...udit110603.pdf

    I know several people who have recently been made redundant and they tell me it is very tough to find work in this field. You may want to look into the waste management field or indoor air quality as the Gov is taking this more seriously since SARS