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    Exclamation What should I do?

    Me and my bf decide to get married and he will stay here for me until the I got the Spouse visa in US after marriage. Now I have lots of questions for that. Please advice if someone know how to do.

    1) Is it hard to get marriage in HK to be with him? Im HK citizen here and he's from US. If its hard, should we go to Guam to get marriage? And will they accept?

    2) Once we got marriage will it hard to help him get dependant visa? I have job here but not really good paid job so will they reject our apply? Should we hire lawyer to do it so it will be easy? Due to rule changed in HK for dependant visa can he find a job with dependant visa?

    3) Is it hard to get job for non-chinese speaking especially he dont have very top qualification for his skills? Any job agency to help expat to look for job?

    4)How long is it take for the depandant visa? During this period how can he stay here? Can we travel PRC or Macau to keep refresh his visa? He hold US passport.

    Moreover, I'm so nervious and I dunno what should I do cuz at the same time he will help me apply Spouse visa to US too. I donno everything and im not so rich cant efford for professional for questions. Please feel feel to email me if you guys have any suggestion of my situation and thanks alot for yr help.


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    I am in the same situation as you are. My wife is a HK citizen and im Canadian. But as far as i know all as long as you can show proof of your marriage is real and you can give him shelter you should be OK.

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    Bobo, US Visas require a fairly experienced immigraton attorney. This is more true after 9/11.

    I strongly recommend that you take a look at the K1 faq.