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    Hi as seems normal on here am hopefully moving out to HK early next year, am in midst of negotiating a package with my company and my question is this.
    Given that (hopefully) most of my rent will be paid by my company how much would I need for me, and my wife to be, to live on but still have a good time.....drinking, food and holidays etc.... as not sure if she will be able to get a job as her career is highly specialised (fire investigation)

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    i've been offerred a deal with ratio housing 25% and salary 75% - wondered how that compares with others ? There is a good post on here saying cost of living is at least HKD 12,000 per month for basics above rent..

    travel of course is subjective - it depends how often and how much you want to spend !

    good luck

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    drinking -- Relative. We know posh places that serve $10 beers and we know posh places that serve $70 beers. Budget the same amount that you'd spend in London. Perhaps a little bit more as a significant amount of social activity centers around alcohol. Budget for about HK$500 a week on the high end. ( Most places average $30 a drink during happy hour)

    Food -- Very relative. If you cook a meal or two at home your outgoings are reduced. If you eat at the local chinese "dai - pai - dongs" your costs are going to be minimal. However if you're going to dine at the same places that Beckham and company did when in HK, your costs are going to be astronomical. On the whole HK$100-150 / day / person if you're going to have both and dinner in restaurants

    One major thing that most people forget is that you'll get hit for two years taxes after your first years tax. The HK Govt collects taxes in advance based on estimated income. After your first year, you'll pay taxes for your existing income and your estimated future income. This will be around 30%. Tax loans can be a pain to get if you're new to town.