Hello all,

I recently got accepted into the master program for International Shipping and Transport Logistics at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong, and was wondering what were the opportunities in Hong Kong after graduation.

Also I am currently going through the whole process of the student visa and such, and it was noted on there, with a student visa you could work part time if it was part of your studies, there is no restrictions on place of work, or number of hours. That being said, my company and I are almost in agreement that I could continue my duties while I was in school in HK. Currently I am the Supply Chain Logistics manager at my company (based in the US). Does anyone here know if there will be any issues (besides the tax I would have to pay) that would arise if I was working as a consultant in HK while in grad school?

Any information would be lovely...also if there is anyone else who is a grad student in HK that could give me some pointers or if any locals/expats want to do a meet a greet deal...

Loads of different questions and such in this thread, thanks for your time all