What are the ESSENTIALS to pack?

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    What are the ESSENTIALS to pack?

    Hi everyone!

    I was wondering about The Move and when considering packing up my house to move into what I am sure will be a much smaller apartment, I was thinking that some of you 'old hands' could give me some advice on what is really essential to bring. FYI I have 2 kids (7 & 5), me & a hubby.

    I am looking forward to a bit of downsizing! I am sure it will be liberating to leave a lot of STUFF behind

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    Well... the kids and hubby are probably essential...

    Where are you moving from? How long do you plan on staying here?

    Probably most of the household stuff are used to, can be brought in HK, or a fairly good substitute. Some personal items like picture frames/Albums with family moments could brighten your 'smaller' future home! Some books that you would read? Summer clothing, no need for long sleeved stuff since it doesn't stay cold for long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkken569:
    Summer clothing, no need for long sleeved stuff since it doesn't stay cold for long!
    I beg to differ. I was freezing last winter - my first winter in HK - and it seemed to go on for months and months. I still had my winter clothes out in April in fact. It also depends on where you are moving from and what temperatures your body is acclimatised to I guess.

    Also, I wear long sleeves or take a cardigan to work every day, even in the height of summer, given the freezing air-conditioning in my office.

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    a few things we need to know first:
    1) do you know where you will live yet? if not, don't bring ANYTHING extra. you have no idea what kind of space you will be dealing with, so what you think might be essential may actually not fit through the front door.
    2) are your kids super attached to anything in particular? if yes, bring that. ie. do your kids ONLY eat a certain brand cereal for breakfast? it might be a good idea to try to bring a couple of boxes until you can source something similar here...
    3) budget? are you bringing stuff yourself or is your company paying for it? if company is paying for it, then my answers would be a little bit different.
    4) kids... i would bring mostly stuff for the kids. favourite snacks, toys, books etc.