I like long flights. Well, that is the only time you have away from work, phone call etc. peace and quiet... good time for thinking and reflections.

Anyhow, like what someone mentioned previously, choosing a place to stay depends on the lifestyle which you want.

Well, in a way, if you are not used to having a maid around then having a live in maid might not be a good idea.

For one, my Swedish bf to date still can't get used to the idea of me having a maid and my best friend's aussie bf can't get used to the idea of having maid. I think it has to something to do with the fact that everything is done for you and served to you.

Then again sweden is a socialist country.. well, to be politically correct, social democrats and Australian have a thing about power distance.

But what I must add is that having lived in Sydney for a while without a maid after having a maid all my life, the only adjustment, one has to make is to sqeeze in time for doing the housework. You do get somehow more picky about keeping the house clean and neat cos no one is going to clear it up after that.

Anyhow, doing housework is a good way to destress, other than the gym and chocolates.

My suggestion is that you should live in a place where the action is. Unless you are an aspiring writer of course.

Do you have any friends in HK? Check out where they live, alternatively, I know that for some companies especially Japanese ones, all the expat wives socialise together, so they somehow live near each other and near Japanese supermarkets. Not sure if your husband's company is that kind too. Some foreign companies have relocation courses for both the executive and their spouse and so the spouse get to know spouse of other executives.

Though my suggestion is to know the locals and other expats.

PS: If you are from University of New SOuth Wales or even Uni Melb, then they have an alumni with you can join. They have activities every here and then.

Hmmm... you have many friends in Aussie land huh, hey get them to visit you instead. Trust me, they will go crazy shopping in HK , so remember to keep a spare room as a guest room.

meanwhile, have fun house hunting... cheerios