35k Salary Adequate?

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    Near Native

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo:
    just a thought, Is your wife a native english speaker by any chance?
    If so then she could earn money by becomeing a tefl teacher, 40 hr course online and then she can easily get a work permit within 4-6 weeks of qualifying.
    Well she is a near native speaker. Thats means all her education and interaction is in English. Will def suggest it to her and thanks for the tip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by new_in_hk:
    Well she is a near native speaker. Thats means all her education and interaction is in English. Will def suggest it to her and thanks for the tip!

    you're welcome, I'm a third of the way through the course too because I was in the same situation as your wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mat:
    Depends on many things:
    - your age
    - your experience
    - your level in the company
    - your marital status: married, Single, married with kids
    - your current lifestyle...

    What is adequate to one is not necessarly adequate to another. Some live well in HK with 30.000 (single, few experience, still young) while some with struggle with the same amount (20 years experience, 2kids, a mortgage..)

    So honestly 35.000 is not bad, for sure I would also try to push it to 40.000 as suggested by KIA, you lose nothing trying...

    Very few ppl remain on real attractive Expat package nowadays...
    Thanks for the suggestion Mat!

    I am 29 and my wife is 32. I have about 5-6 years experience in my field. I am a manager right now but i am offered a post of one position lower. team leader. I am keen on a one step drop cos its Cathay Pacific. I have a lot of respect for it.

    We dont intend to have kids in the near future. About our lifestyle, i would says its simple, barring some indulging into electronic gadgets. We usually cook at home. I sometimes have beer with friends. We want to live comfortably and also save some amount every month. I think I would try and negotiate for at least 40K with 'out of pocket' expenses for the first month. I really dont want to spend a lot in the first month, otherwise i would end up broke and that wont be a good start. and there are always a lot of hiddent costs. I dont mind paying upto HKD8K for a small 2-bedroom apt at discovery bay. Is the area good and safe?

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    I make 35K too, on local package.
    my wife is not working and she takes care of my 2 year old son. We live at Hang Hau, rent is 9,000/month.
    With all my expenses, I still save 10-15K per month.
    So, it is enough, if you know how to save and not over indulge.

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    Yes, try to push it a bit say around 40 or 45 if you can, but if you do not have extravagant lifestyle and do not plan on partying all the time it should be ok with 35.
    If your wife is native english speaker she will probably find a job or part time tutor job quite easily so that she can bring on extra pocket money.
    For the first month, ask Cathay if they can pay the rent deposit (usually 2 month rent + half month agency fee) for you...and then you pay it back later on to the company...

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    You can have a decent life from 30K for two people.

    As a single you might need more for the nightlife.

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    >> I dont mind paying upto HKD8K for a small 2-bedroom apt at discovery bay. Is the area good and safe?

    Yeah. Very safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new_in_hk:
    I have just been offered a job from Cathay Pacific. However, it has been told that the salary terms and structure will strictly be on local terms and NOT expat terms. That means no housing allowance and maybe no moving allowance also. The amount is HKD35000. Since the CX city is near the airport, i would assume staying in Discovery Bay or Tsing Yi. Considering i would have to pay rent on my own and will be given only the basic local salary package (sual allowance like meals, discounts etc), would 35k be enough. My wife will also be moving with me and she will be on dependent pass. Will really appreciate any help.

    Have a great day
    Where are you based now?

    I think that if you are not based in HK and you accept a local package that you will regret it as all the other expats receive housing. Salary sounds about right for what Cathay are paying to new people (although it seems a little low for a supervisors roll)

    CX are fairly decent to work for but they are a business and there first priority is too make money so they will try it on.

    Personally we would never of come to CX for the package you are being offered so I’d advise to ask for more and housing.

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    not sure if i agree with that. housing allowance is a rarity these days unless u are a senior management person they want in that spot for watever political reason.

    all businesses have to take care of their p/l and whatever they can cut they will cut. if u end up in a company that's striving hard to deliver the bottom line then it might be more worthwhile to strive for a good bonus than a high basic pay. if u are paid an unproportionately high basic pay u are always the first in line to be axed...

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    Hi Freeier

    My hubby works for CX is not management and we receive housing etc, etc so I speak from first hand experience on what the norm is. If you join a company as an expat and everyone else is on more money than you and has housing, health care etc and you don't you will become resentful.