35k Salary Adequate?

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    Sunniefaith: thank you for the encouragement.

    Jumbo: I have a Bachelor Degree in English but I'm not from English speaking countries. I taught English shortly before at uni level, but I want to teach at primary level now. I speak English as first language at home now(with my Aussie hubby).

    Jumbo, I want to find an online TESL course. Can u pls refer me the one you're following now?. I found only one centre in HK that provide Cambridge ESOL course - British Council and the fee is 25K for 2.5month course

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    ck123, you're welcome. Try applying with emb, think they are recruiting at the moment. I don't have a tefl cert but I've been teaching in a primary school for about 6 years. I'm meant to get my tefl cert when i start work or something like that. And I know a couple other nets who are not 'white' so to speak.

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    ck i used a company called i to i, it was online training and so much cheaper than 25k!

    just do a google search for them and its there.

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    I have been made an offer by CX - advice pls...

    Hi all,

    I have read the various threads re this, and gather that the offer made - 45k a month is quite enough for a couple to live on....

    My questions though are two fold - firstly, CX is only offering 18 days a year leave - is this the normal as I've heard expats normally get 30 days, and here in Australia, we're used to 20 days

    Also, the position is a level C manager role, so if they're not going to agree to expat conditions, what should I be asking for to compensate?

    thanks muchly in advance

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