I know it is very difficult to answer the "Can I get a job in HK?" questions, but hopefully this one is generic enough to be workable.

I am looking into moving to Hong Kong. I work in IT (several years of networking and unix experience, good certifications, etc.). But I don't speak Cantonese, so I think that will get in the way of finding an IT job. If anyone doesn't think so, let me know. I have searchrf the English classifieds (like classifiedpost.com, jobsdb.com, etc.). But I think the posting being in English doesn't indicate no Cantonese required. :/

So I was considering teaching English. And I actually have a genuine interest in doing this. But my background is not suited to teaching - unrelated degree, no TEFL certification, no experience, etc. So I in no way qualify for the NET program or many of the primary/university level jobs I have found. But what about the kindergarden/private schools? Is being a native English speaker from the US good enough? What kind of salary do those positions pay? I have done many job searches, but I don't think it is the time of year for schools to be hiring. So does anyone know from seeing these job postings in the past? Thanks!