How to get into HK? Dependant or work. HELP!

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    Unhappy How to get into HK? Dependant or work. HELP!


    I am looking to move to HK to live with my boyfriend who is employed by a company there. I don't know where I would stand for getting a dependants pass as we aren't married, plus I already have a daughter.. so complicated! Do I need to prove the relationship is long term and how do you do that, and would my daughter then get a d pass as well?
    Is is likely that I would be able to find a job that would give me the minimum money required for a work visa but without full time hours? I have had about 8 years experience in the advertising industy and would like to get back into that line of work.

    Any help on ANY of the above would be really appreciated as I do not know where to start and there is so much legal jargon around it all my head is spinning!


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    >> long term relationship

    This is not an issue with HK Immigration. They do not recognise common-law type marraiges. You're either married or you're not. Dependant visas are given only to married dependants. This is in line with immigration laws in most countries.

    >> Daughter getting dependant visa.

    If you're married your daugther is also a dependant of your husband.

    >> Getting a job with minimum pay.

    Not going to be possible to get a work visa based on that. You really have to prove that you have skills. Your employer will have to document that they could not find a suitable candidate locally and your pay will have to be in line with local payscales for that type of a job.

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    Wasn't sure about the married bit. But I found this bit on the offical site:

    40._ An application for entry to take up residence as a dependant may be favourably considered if:
    a. there is reasonable proof of a genuine relationship between the applicant and the sponsor;

    Reasonable proof didn't sound like a marriage certificate was 100% neccessary and I'm sure when i made an enquiry before they said that they look at every case... but maybe I am barking well up the wrong tree.
    But thanks..

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    Could be worth a try. Have you tried emailing them and asking the question?

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    How long have you been together?

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    We have known each other for 7 years, and have been together on and off for this length of time.

    I have, although been married to someone else during this time and am seperated now (waiting to get a divorce). I don't know if this fact goes against me, but I have been back with him for the last year.

    I don't know how it can be proved that you have a history with someone, but it is certainly a genuine relationship!

    Thanks for any help.

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    The immigration accepts proof of history together in terms of:
    - correspondence to each other over the years (letters, postcards)
    - pictures taken together (must have date stamp)
    - bills/accounts/statements with both names on it

    Hope this helps you out a bit!

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    Thanks for the info, it gives me some hope! Though with email and mobiles and the internet taking the place of old fashioned letters, it makes it a bit more of a challenege to find proof.. especially with a man who's not so hot on the written word! I guess as long as the HK govt don't think you're going to be a burden on them, it makes no difference really if they let the odd girlfriend in, who after all do spend more money in their shops than the men!