How could I find TV Jobs in HK as a video Editor?

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    How could I find TV Jobs in HK as a video Editor?

    Hello.. Nice to know and Join this Forum.

    I am planning and hopefully move to HK or mainland China. so Firstly, I am finding some information. I heard that the Star network in HK is the biggetst Station in China area. How could I find that information?

    I had been working for 10 years as a Broadcast Engineer. I had an exprience Video Editor (Avid Symphony), Studio Video Operator and Sound Engineer (Audio Mixing Console - Especially Studer Console)

    I appreciate to read my post. Have a great day..

    我會說英文,還有基本的中文(臺灣的 。

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    I always see ads on Job search, talent recruit & career resources | JobsDB Hong Kong looking for video editors, but they are mostly from advertising agencies, not many TV-wise. I heard STAR has been cutting back on hiring. Most other TV broadcasting companies staff are not as english-oriented. So, it maybe inconvenient for your co-workers to communicate with you if u can't speak canton. Where are u from? Why do you wanna move here?

    If you want to work in the Mainland, why dun u try CCTV-9?