Pollution - how bad is it?

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    Question Pollution - how bad is it?


    I;m considering moving to HK and I was curious how bad the often mentioned air pollution really is. I lived in Amsterdam for the last 4 years and there we have (relatively) clean air.

    By the way, how's the water at the south beaches? I heard that it is not very wise to swim there because of pollution.



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    For all sorts of details start here:


    Personally I feel that there are a few bad days each year, but it often looks worse than it is because of the natural haze that you get in the tropics.

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    pretty bad, but not shit hole bad like Bombay, Mexico City, etc..

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    Or even Los Angeles...

    Oone of the things that makes it look bad is that the natural views you get in many locations are over really quite big distances - I can look out of my office window and see the Disneyland site which is over 10 miles away - it doesn't take much haze in the air to make that look less than crystal clear.

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    Oh please! Bombay isn't half as bad as Hong Kong. I've lived in Bombay and many other cities for a while and I'm fine. Only after coming to HK and living here for a year I found out that I had asthma!!

    Beat that!

    You want to know how bad it is?....well, its pretty bad. Just ask most of the tourists who visit here every year. They all say the same thing, "HK has a serious pollution problem!!"