I have been going through this forum for a while. I am on company transfer to HK from India and planning my move by Mid June. I have visited HK a couple of times and am familiar with HK island and part of Kowloon. My office is in Wanchai on Hennessy road.
The immediate concern that i have is regarding the accomodation & school. I have a 2 year old daughter for whome we need a decent play school. When i looked at the school lists in the geobaby forum and found most of them have closed their admission. Contacted couple of them requesting the admission details.
Since the proximity to the school is my primary concern, i am looking for a right place where i can find this and live. If at all its impossible to get admission, i would consider for the next year school.
I would request some suggestion on the below.

1. Which are the places i can look for accomodation considering the proximity to schools. I have a budget of 8-10k for my accomodation (a furnished 1 BHK approx 350-400sq.ft). Would love to have proximity to atleast a small park or beach where i can take my daughter on the weekend. I can spend 20-30 mins for travelling by MTR or by bus.
2. Any suggestion on a meduium range international stream school (ready to spend 4k per month)
3. Is it possible to get part time maid - to pick up my baby from school and take care of her until we return home in the evening.
How expensive is it? Or is it mandatory to have a seperate bed room for the maid if we have to get a full time maid (Can she not use the hall room?)

Would really appreciate if some one can direct me on the above.