Hello there!

I'm moving to Hong Kong in late Jan., from the US and I was wondering if anyone knew what is the best way to ship my stuff to HK? I only have clothes, books etc, no furniture or really large items. Any companies you could suggest?

I have a HK$16000 allowance for a flat, and I was thinking of living in Mid-Levels (I'll be working in Tsim Sha Tsui East). From reading previous posts I think I should be able to find something for that range. Could you advise me on the size I might get for that money (harbour/hill view not important), just a decent amount of light that I'm not living in the dark 24/7. Any particular buildings I should look into. I will be taking the ferry from Central directly over to work so I guess within walking distance of Central or near the escalators so that my commute is not to long.

Last thing, I'm a big fan of latin dance, any good latin (especially salsa) dance schools in HK?

Thanks for your help!!!