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    Smile moving 'new' to hongkong

    hi all!! i have the option of moving to hk from Mumbai, India. I really dont have any idea regarding the expected expenses for a couple. Is 20-22K per month enough for expenses including rent for a 600sqft apartment?

    also, is 40-50K per month good enough salary at managerial level?

    really appreciate your help!!!

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    The current cost of living is discussed in the FAQs.

    >> 40-50K per month good enough salary at managerial level?

    Would depend on what you're managing and what you're expected to deliver for your organisation. From a revenue management perspective, your salary is about 7-12% of the revenues you're expected to deliver for the organisation you work for.

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    The 20-22K expenses would depend on a lot of factors, Maneesh. Location of apartment, facilites, transport, children, etc...

    Since you're a couple, a 600sq.ft apartment will not set you back a lot(again depending on where you live), and even after the rent, you should have a comfortable amount left over for the rest (though, it may be a little tight).

    The salary level you mentioned is good enough to start with.

    Good Luck,

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    the job is at middle management level (5-8 yrs experience).

    the rent expense seems to be the largest component. if i budget around 10k per month for rentals, do you think I can get a decent apartment of 600-650 sq ft (upper middle types).

    also, i believe if the employer reimburses rent, then I can save some tax - I have not understood this clearly. can someone explain?

    cheers...have a nice day!

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    Yes, 10K is sufficient for a 600 sq ft flat in a decent area near the MTR.

    Browse the forums for more info on tax on rents. There are a couple of things that your employer needs to do (and do them correctly) to claim the rent.


    I think profitablity of the sales is a major factor. The 7-10% is skewed for the software industry.