Moving to HK from New York

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    This doesn't help Pink with the apt search, but I got here from NY two weeks ago - would be nice to get together with former New Yorkers and moan about leaving NY and expensive real estate, if nothing else!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamish:
    Rent is partially tax deductable too.
    Yes, but only if your employer is happy to define part of your package as "housing allowance" and set up a system to ensure "adequate control" of the fact that you are actually spending it on housing...

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    tuen mun

    How do you think to learn Cantonese in Daily way?

    Welcome to Hong Kong ! Pink!

    I am not Sure you are a female or male. I am a chinese girl, 25 years old. I born in here and studied in here. Hong Kong is very small. I think of an idea if you want to learn the culture of hong kong, you can think of sharing a flat with me and let me teach you Cantonese.

    I am not meaning sharing the flat for even space. I Will just occupay a small room even not 100 sq ft enough .

    That will be convenience for you to email to me directly.
    [email protected]
    Above is my email address. We can exchange the instant messeanger account in email.

    I would have less max budget. Hope you enjoy living in Here.

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    another fellow new yorker here!!! i've been living here since aug 2004. originally from Queens! anyway, i would join you guys if there is a gathering.

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    Sigh... today I am feeling really blue... just overworked... it's 9pm and the earliest I got home. Since I arrived here, I've been working crazy hours...... and tomorrow I'll be doing apt hunting again!

    How's everyone else hanging in there??

    Sigh sigh......

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    Closing the thread .. its turning into a focus point for spammers.