Summer Mandarin for kids

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    Sham Tseng

    Summer Mandarin for kids

    Hi - Hoping some parents of kids can help me.

    My 7 year old nephew will be staying with me for 5 weeks next summer. He is already part of a Mandarin playgroup back in the USA and has been since he was 2 years old - he knows songs, games and can understand the stories when read and knows about 60 to 90% of what is being said to him when spoken to but cannot speak freely or read and write.

    I would like to put in a summer day-camp program does anyone know a program. Another possibilty would be to devise a program for him - composing of 2 to 3 different things each week.

    Ideally, I would like to find a Mandarin kids theatre program or a sports program emphasizing Mandarin.

    Do these programs exist in Hong Kong or should I be looking in the mainland - I am flexible and able to do both locations.

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    Alby, quite a few Mandarin playgroup organisers ... you might have better luck with a post on GeoBaby.

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    hi there, i'm a language teacher (mandarin and english at native fluency). i coach sports too.. perhaps we could work something out!
    [email protected]