Master of Economics or Master of Finance

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    Master of Economics or Master of Finance

    Hi guys i'd like to seek your help on this. I'm a qualified CPA and i've worked in a big4 for 2 years. My career goal is to work myself up to the management/executive level. I know that an MBA would be essential to reach this goal, however i don't plan to get an MBA until my early 30's because i know that without solid experience in management it's hard to get into a prestigious business school. So in the meanwhile i'm thinking about taking some postgraduate programmes to better equip myself. Which one would you guys recommend: master of economics or master of finance (or even LLB?)? or are there other better programmes that i should choose to achieve my career goal? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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    Sorry to be so vague but this decision depends on which school you want to go to, depends on your skills, depends on what exactly you want to achieve, depends on where to want to work later on etc etc.