Cantonese Tutors?

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    Cantonese Tutors?

    A small group of friends would like to continue with learning Cantonese. We have all lived in HK for some years and have tried basic Cantonese Classes at different places.
    Amongs the best ones, various techniques were used rather than just text book and tutor led sessions.
    ie: Information gap activities, real life experiences etc.
    If there is a tutor with experience that can be recommended, please PM me with details.
    We will be meeting on Kowloon side, preferably early afternoons. ( 4-5pm)

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    Dear Sir,
    I can offer you Cantonese lesson in Sat pm and Sun. I was an exchange student in Oregon, USA. So I understand the language difference between Cantonese and English. I've finished a Higher Diploma in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. I believe that my English and Cantonese ability can satisfy your need.
    If you are interested, please kindly contact me at 9166 0342. Or you can email me at [email protected]
    Thank you!
    Yours sincerely,
    Robyn Wu