Requirements to teach?

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    Requirements to teach?

    Ok, here's the deal... I'm coming to Hk next year, and most of the people i know from there are telling me to send my resume to international schools for PE/Sports teacher positions since i have a Bachelor of Human Kinetics with a major of Sports Sciences/Physical, i have already tried to email the Australian international School(but,i only told them i had a bachelor of Human Kinetics) and their reply was that in order to apply for a teaching position there i would need a Bachelor or a Post-graduation of Education...the weird thing is that my degree certifies me to teach PE/SPorts & Health Classes here in Portugal and in the rest of the European Union...So, my question is what can i do to check if my bachelor is recognized here in Hk,

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    Sorry, didn't see this post when I replied to your other one.

    The simple and not very helpful answer to your question is that each school will have it's own requirements and there is no set of Hong Kong rules. Some may be inclined to accept your qualification and some won't. I've just finished my PGCE at Hong Kong U, and am looking for a job, like you, but I could have worked at some local schools (English language) without a PGCE.

    If you're shooting for International Schools, you will likely have to produce a teaching qualification. Perhaps you can talk them into accepting your qualification, but since that's not the way it works in the UK / US, you may have a hard time convincing anybody.