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    I am thinking of getting a TESOL / TEFL certificate? any ideas on it's where's and how's?
    Are online courses for these programs ok? how bout fees? many thanks

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    certificate cost

    An online course will cost roughly 250 USD. Classroom training will run between 1500 USD and 2500 USD. Trinity in hong Kong is generally recommended they're approximately 2500 USD. if you go for online, I think ICAL is a reputable site.

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    English for Asia are the TrinityCert guys here. Don't waste your money on online...if there's no practicum, there's little value or recognition...
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    You have to know the difference between it's and its.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drumbrake:
    You have to know the difference between it's and its.
    ooops, sorry 'bout that. thanks for the correction.
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