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    TEFL in HK


    I am an overseas chinese university graduate and would like to spend a year teaching english in HK. However, I don't have a TEFL certificate so I am wondering are there any language centres/schools who will employ a graduate without a TEFL certificate.

    Is it worth doing an online TEFL course? Would it greatly increase my chances of getting employed?

    I have applied to a few schools already with no luck. Am I at a disadvantage for English jobs because I am Chinese?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    There are some teachers here who are simply native teachers with no TEFL but I think that this is becoming rare. You should try language centres rather than actual schools since they tend to require less experience / qualifications for there more advance students. The problem is that the pay is not great at this level and will almost certainly not get you an employment visa.

    The online TEFL courses are fine for a language centre I think but to get a job in a school or at a higher level you will need one of the registered TEFL courses. These are around 6 weeks and are usually overseen by CELTA or Trinity but they're quite expensive. I have only found one of these courses in HK (Trinity):


    You can also do them in China or if fact anywhere around the world so it may be cheaper to do it elsewhere first. If you're serious about a teaching career, one of these courses is essential IMO

    In my experience some locals are less keen for Chinese tutors but I think that once you prove your skills you should be fine.

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    TEFL confusion

    Hi, I am looking into moving to HK to teach English, It seems to be a bit of a mind field though! I understand that the Cambridge or Trinity based qualifictions are best but these can be very expensive and time consuming. The other route is too do a short weekend course of an online one. Am I correct?
    Does any one have any advice on the reliabilty of one of these courses to getting a job? And how difficult is it to get a visa?