advertising and fashion design courses conducted in english

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    Exclamation advertising and fashion design courses conducted in english

    help. i know this topic has been posted here for nth time but i just need some info.
    could anyone give me some schools that offer advertising or/and fashion design conducted in english? preferably cef or subsidized by the gov.? I've been trying to call some schools but i cant understand them that much and their websites really dont mention if the medium used is english or canto.

    and if anyone could give me infos on any adver/graphic design/fashion design classes that i could still enroll in as of the moment that would be fantastic!

    I'm probably gonna die of boredom waiting for the next school term

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    thanks..yea tried them..they have fantastic & cheap courses..but all conducted in canto

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    I thought they had some courses in English ... too bad.

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    thanks anyway knowitall...

    im bout to cry.. where are all the english courses...

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    Mostly soft courses .. not sure if they're aimed at professionals, but they're popular with expats.

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    unfortunately they dont have the course/class that i want..

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    Fashion Designing in English

    Hi, I recently moved to HK, I am also interested in doing a fashion designing course conducted in English. Were you able to find a place. Pls let me know. Tks