Opening an English school in HK

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    Opening an English school in HK

    Hi there, does anyone know of how to go about opening a small English school (institute) in HK? I've heard that there is loads of 'red-tape', but I've also heard that it can be done.

    Any suggestions/ ideas would be helpful



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    Would recommend you go over to

    And start a license database search. it will give you a list of all the licenses you need to get to start a school up.

    There have been recent changes in regulations which may affect you.. you can find out more here.

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    Thanks Shri, I've had a quick look at the sites.... oh my word!! This will take some planning!
    Thanks for the links


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    You might want to email / contact InvestHK. They tend to help people create business plans and help with govt processes. I know a couple of people who've used them and have been happy with them.

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    It will takes you one year time to start your school. After you choose a suitable please for the school, you need to apply many licence from different Governement department. For example: EMB, BD, FSD, F&H.....etc. At least 8 department.

    If you want to get more information, you can try to visit EMB website because they will have some introduction seminar quite often. I know they will have one in early November. Please register first if you want to go becuase it is always full