Applying for NET scheme FROM Hong Kong

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    Applying for NET scheme FROM Hong Kong

    Hi all,

    Having scanned the forum long and hard I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for so perhaps some kind soul can help.

    If I move my family to Hong Kong under my own steam, can I still apply for the NET scheme and are the pay and benefits the same if I'm successful? I'm thinking about the accommodation allowance specifically.

    Secondly, I've been teaching adult education for a number of years now, have a degree which is not in education but am in the final stretch of the PGCE having taught with a local teaching qualification here in the UK. Where would that stand my in terms of chances and in the pay scale, which to me seems like an overly complicated monster.

    Thanks in advance

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    I think that if you move here before being accepted then you will not receive airfare/baggage reimbursement. Housing allowance will remain the same provided that you can prove that HK is not your normal "place of residence".

    I suggest posting to a teacher's forum such as Dave's or PNET Forum.

    HK PNETS Forum

    Dave's ESL Cafe

    good luck.

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    Many thanks Squid,

    My reason for asking is because my wife is from Hong Kong and still has family there. She has been in the UK since 1998 so as far as I can see everywhere, I think, tentatively, that we qualify.

    What does one need to teach as a SNET and is there a forum some where for SNET?

    Again, thanks in advance

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    You have only got one month to claim back your flight costs and some how the chances of you getting a NET vacancy within a month is slim!