Needed: Cantonese

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    Needed: Cantonese

    Hi there,

    I'm a female in my late 20s and I'm looking for someone, possibly a student, who can teach me Cantonese for an hour a day in the mornings, 3-5 days per week.

    I have my own books and materials, but I rarely get to practice and would like help with pronunciation and general questions (I grew up in Hong Kong and have basic knowledge of Cantonese already). Ideally we'd meet somewhere in Central, possibly in a coffee shop.

    If you're interested, please PM me, or email me at my username @ gmail. Oh, and if you know Mandarin too, that would be a plus!

    Many thanks for your time.

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    Hi there...

    My name is Fion and I am at age 28, female.

    Just got your post and realized that you are interested in learning both Cantonese and Mandarin. In fact, I am very flurent of both languages, however, I am only available after 630pm and during wkend. Please let me know if you are still interested of it.

    You can reply the post here of by email at [email protected]