HKU postgrad housing tension!!!

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    Question HKU postgrad housing tension!!!

    Hello everyone, please do help me out regarding my choice of housing in HKU. I am an overseas student, going to study in a taught postgraduate course(one year) in september,2013 and my school is located in William M.W Mong block,21 sassoon road so ideally i would like to stay in close proximity to my school.

    the accommodation given by the uni(postgrad) are as:
    Graduate House
    Morrison Hall
    Pokfield Road Residences
    St. John’s College

    Each seems to have its own pros and cons but i have narrowed down to graduate house and st. john's college.
    but i don't know much about these halls except that graduate house is a bit cheaper and the later seems to focus much on extra curricular activities and such.
    my course seems to be rigorous and i do want to have a quiet environment to study.but that doesn't mean i want to lock myself in the room the whole time

    i would be super glad if anyone can give me some insights regarding my query.

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    I'd recommend staying up in the quieter house of the two. HKU is close to downtown Central and I'm sure you'll meet friends from other halls etc so you can always go out when you want to. It'll be good to come back home to a quieter place to work/sleep, though.

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    St. John's is known for their admission of "pretty" people. Might sound crude but it's true.

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    for a postgrad i think they're both quite quiet as st. john's has a postgrad block separate from the noisy undergrads, and graduate house is postgrad only.

    The proximity to Med Faculty is the same - either way need to take bus.

    Grad house more convenient for everything on main campus, st. john's more convenient for sports centre. Graduate house has the reputation for being the 'nicest' hall but they're both good options.

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    Hi I am HKU Alumnus and now working at HKU. My preference will be the Pokfield Road Residences because it is a little off from the main campus (8 min walk) but closer to the sports facilities (which is something I like). Graduate House is inside the main campus, it is not fun enough to me because you will be spending most of your times at the main campus. For me, I would rather stay somewhere not too close so I can get a touch with the local community. You are studying in a TPG program and not MPhil or PhD, so I think you will like to explore more about the local community since you don't need to conduct academic research all the times (or require a quiet life the whole time).

    St. John has its unique tradition but I think its more suitable for undergrads. Morrison Hall would be my second choice.

    Anyway, just my preference. But I hope it can help.

    Thanks and see you in the Fall.