Looking for GMAT prep textbook

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    Looking for GMAT prep textbook

    Hi , I am hoping to find someone here who has and would like to resell
    [LIST][*]Manhattan GMAT Maths Study Guide[*]Manhattan GMAT Maths Solution Guide[*]Manhattan GMAT Verbal Study Guide[*]Manhattan GMAT Verbal Solution Guide
    I need them real soon.
    Please let me the edition that you have.
    You can call me at 69700587

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    My answer might not be timely anymore as I just noticed this post. I had Manhattan review guides but I gave them to friends after I was done with the GMAT. But you can find them easily on ebay or amazon.com. Those books are sold separately on those sites: Maths Study Guide, and Maths Solutions as well as Verbal Study Guide and Verbal Solutions. I found the Manhattan Review Study Guides to be excellent. I used their guides to prepare for about 3 months, then took the GMAT in March and scored a 720.

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    Hi Liverpool, Did you get these books shipped from USA?