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    Help!! Kindergarten

    I am sure this is a topic that is talked to death in many different forums. I have read a few threads and followed up on some leads. I really want to ask this question though as I am getting a huge headache about the whole thing! I have a son who has just turned three. We arrived in HK about 2 months ago with no idea about the schooling system, so hence no pre-applications for schools. I have been avoiding the whole thing as it is stressing me out, but sadly the 'head-in-the-sand' approach has not led to answers (no surprises). Have decided it is time for action.

    We are living in Tsim Sha Tsui, so are looking for something Kowloon and possibly Central area. I also have a 1 year old daughter so ease of access is important! My son is extremely shy, and I am concerned that if he attends a school with a very low attendance by westerners that he will be even less likely to talk/interact in the class. He has very, very white blond hair and has a taken a dislike to the attention this gets him as a westerner here! I want to avoid having him stand-out at school as well if possible. Poor kid - but he has a good heart and I want to find him a school that will nurture his active, spirited side and love of rhythm and music.

    Any suggestions on schools in the Kowloon/Central area with a reasonable number of western kids and affordable fees! I am about to place his name on the list for YMCA kindergarten as it is close to us and I think okay?! Have also looked at Woodlands Montessori, which seems good but starts at 8.30 so hard to get there in time from TST with a 1 year old in tow.

    Would desperately LOVE some advice so I can stop worrying needlessly. Usually nothing bothers me, but this has my head in a spin.


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    Hi Alanna,

    Not a parent but am a very active Auntie and Jie Jie to my friends my mind the best job!!

    You may have a better response if you look at:
    Hong Kong Pregnancy and Baby Resources, Forums and Events - GeoBaby.Com
    GeoKids.HK :: GeoKids.HK - Hong Kong's Premier Parenting Website

    YMCA in TST the one on Salisbury Rd. as far as Kindergarten's go have a very good standard and is not very easy to get a place.

    My friends have had a very bad experience with Funfill next to St. Andrew's Church so recommend that you stay clear from there.

    There are several Kindergarten's in Kowloon Tong, Tai Kok Tsui and Whampoa Garden which my friends who live in TST send their children too.

    Several go to HKIS on Hong Kong-side as well but have heard that placement there is very competitive and even complain that the travel time for kindergarten is just gruesome.

    ***By friends I mean mix local Chinese, Westerners (Australia, French, UK, USA and NZ) and South Asians***

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    As a parent, it's important to get a good school for your kids. We had bad experience with Deborah Int'l School. My son enjoyed YMCA's play group.

    Friend's kids enjoyed Anfield in Kowloon Tong.