NET scheme

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    NET scheme

    Hi All,

    Those who are currently on the NET experience - Your thoughts? Ideas? pros and cons? Good and bad? In relevance to teaching, are you satisfied with your workload and contribution, or is NET a somewhat glorified ALT role? Cheers

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    I am presuming you are referring to the EDB - Net Scheme.

    I'm an SNET - Secondary NET. The employment criteria is a lot more stringent for SNETs. I teach two classes across two different forms, plan the year for one of them, organise PDs, oversee fresh graduates/teacher-graduates on top of the song and dance that is expected of a NET.

    So, no, it is not a glorified ALT role.

    I know that in primary schools, there are some who would hire a 'white' face without the proper credentials and experience because they only need an 'act'. But in secondary schools, it's not the norm. In fact, when I attend, a cluster meeting, I feel like a spring chicken with just five years teaching experience. Some of us are actually making a difference. My school is one that would rather do without a NET or a LET who isn't properly trained and doesn't fit the bill.


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    Thanks for the info, Minhk. Am considering a NET role, even though im working as HPE teacher here in Aus at the moment.... Was a JET in Japan a few years back, loved that, but was somewhat limited being an English monkey day in, day out. Cheers!

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    Net website for more info

    Hi !!!

    You can go to the PNET forum on the net and you can get all kinds of feed backs and information.
    Just google and find the site.

    I hope it will help