City U / Poly U process ?

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    City U / Poly U process ?

    Hi ,
    I am currently a uni student in UBC management in Canada and is applying to City U college of business and Poly U 's management studies.
    My grades in high school were decent and my grades in uni are decent as well. I am an international student trying to pursue my studies in hk. My questions are

    1) how hard is it to get into City U College of Business and Poly U Management Studies?

    2) Around what time do they announce the acceptance / rejection ?

    my friends had all say I should graduate from ubc as it's top 50s in the world whereas city u and poly u are top 100s but due to personal reason I want to pursue my studies in hk and especially be near Kowloon , Tsim Sha tsui

    any help / advice will be great.

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    1) If you have >90 in all subjects in high school and >=B+ GPA for your uni grade. You will possibly get in.
    2)They will start accepting students from as early as March, you won't receive any rejection notification until Sept.

    Honestly speaking, it's really not worth it to study in Poly or CityU considering you are in UBC right now. Both City and Poly are not within the top 100s university in the world while UBC is definitely top 50s. There's no doubt that you would have a better carrier options in the future with the UBC title than Poly or City.